Sieve shaker LPzE-2e


LPzE-2e is a shaker designed for test sieves with a diameter of 199 to 225 mm. LPzE-2e can be used for particle analysis of up to 3 kg of material in  dry or wet method. It is the smallest laboratory sieve shaker manufature by MULTISERW-Morek. Directly from the control panel can be set and store: time, interval and amplitude in order to achieve reproducible results of sieve analysis.

Yuor advantages

  • 3-D throwing motion by use of electromagnetic drive
  • 10 programs - sieving parameters can be programmed and stored
  • Siutable for dry and wet
  • accurate separation efficiency with short sieving times
  • Low noise
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Test sieves can be easily mounted by a system of adjustable belts

Technical data

Sieve diameters

100 mm, 200 mm, 203 mm (8")

Sample weight

approx. 3 kg

Sieve set

up to 10-15 pieces

Operating voltage

230V, 50Hz


adjustable amplitude up to maximal 2,5 mm


0-60 minutes with interval option


approx. 25 kg (without test sieves)


Ø310 x 300 mm

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