Air entrainment meter EN 12350-7


Easy-to-use, stainless steel clamping system employs four, one-piece, self-locking clamps to quickly seal lid to base with proper tension. O-ring assures watertight seal. Large, easy-to-read (to nearest 0.1%) 4-inch diameter, direct percentage gauge with calibration adjustments. Features all-brass super pump for reliability and faster operation. Unique pop-it valve eliminates seal failures. Furnished with all necessary accessories for calibration and operation, plus plastic, toolbox-style carrying case.

Pressure gauge method
This method includes a known volume of air at a known pressure is merged in a sealed container with the unknown volume of air in the concrete sample.

These methods do not apply to concretes made with lightweight aggregates, air cooled blast-furnace slag, or aggregates with high porosity. This is because of the magnitude of the aggregate correction factor, compared with the entrained air content of the concrete.

The gauge meter models consists essentially of a flanged cylindrical vessel , complete with cover assembly incorporating a pressure gauge, air pump and valves. They feature:

  • Faster testing: fewer pump strokes
  • Quick action clamping system
  • Lightweight, durable and compact
  • Not affected by changes in barometric pressure
  • Direct pressure gauge readings

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