Automatic Cement Compression & Flexural Machine EN 196-1


The Automatic range of single testing chamber and double testing chamber compression and flexure testing machines have been designed for reliable and consistent testing of mortar samples. These compression and flexure testers are the results of continuous applications and research studies to upgrade the machines with the latest technologies and conform the current standards EN 196-1, 459-2, 1015-11, 13454- 2; ASTM C 109, C348, C349 and BS 3892-1, 4551-1 in terms of its technical properties taking into account client requirements by using suitable accessories. These machines also meet the requirements of CE norms for safety and health of the operator.

Compression and flexture jigs, distance pieces and also removable transparent front-rear safety doors (should be factory installed) should be ordered separately.

The automatic cement compression and flexure testing machines allow less experienced operators to perform the tests. Once the machine has been switched on and the specimen is positioned and centered by the help of centering apparatus. The only required operations are;

• Setting test parameters, including pace rate (only required when the specimen type is changed.)
• Choosing the compression or flexure frame by using the changeover valve.
• Pressing the START button on the control unit.
• The machine automatically starts the rapid approach; switches the test speed after 1% of the load capacity of the machine and stops once the specimen failure.
• Automatically saves the test parameters and test results.

The automatic cement compression and flexure testing machines consist of very rigid two column single or double chamber frames, automatic hydraulic power pack with data acquisition and control system BC 100.

Model MMC-6331 MMC-6431
Test type Compression Flexural  Compression
Capacity (kN) 250 15 250
Class 1 Measuring Range (kN) 2,5-250 0,5-15 2,5-250
Lower Platen Dimensions (mm) 165 165 165
Upper Platen Dimensions (mm) 165 165 165
Maximum Piston Movement (mm)  263 263 263
Horizontal Clearance (mm) 300 200 300
Oil Capacity (l) 50 50 50
Piston diameter (mm) 160 80 160
Maximum Piston Movement (mm)    50 50 50
Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 125 30 125
Rapid Approach Rate (mm) 50 80 50
Dimensions (WxLxH) (mm) 830x500x1650 1050x500x1650
Weight (kg) 265 410


EN 196-1 Methods of testing cement. Determination of strength

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