Jolting table EN 196-1


Jolting Table is used for compacting of cement specimens in 40x40x160 mm mould and consists of mould table seated on a rotating cam driven at 60 r.p.m. The falling height is 15 mm conforming to EN 196-1. The machine is equipped with a counter which provides automatic shut off at end of preset drop numbers.

Weight and dimensions of the jolting table fully comply with the requirements of EN 196-1 standard. When used with our Three Gang Mould and Feed Hopper, the total weight of the moving part is 20 kg ± 0.5 kg. Without accessories the weight of the moving parts is 6.85 kg. Rapid mould lock and release system allows easy and quick operation.

The supporting frame of the machine has been designed to ensure precise dimensions, table flatness, correct centering of the three gang mould on the table.
The motor and gearbox assembly is enclosed in a protective housing, which promotes user safety (the moving parts are inaccessible) and long life for the gearbox.
Feed Hopper is used for filling Three Gang Moulds placed on Jolting Table. Three Gang Mould, Feed Hopper and Soundproof Safety Cabinet should be ordered separately.



EN 196-1 Methods of testing cement. Determination of strength

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