The MULTISERW-Morek Company is faithful to the rule that the most crucial is responsibility. We never leave our clients in the lurch.

The client is important for us also after a sale and an installation of devices in a laboratory. We make o warranty on delivered equipment. Maintenance services are provided by us not only in headquarter of the Multiserw-Morek Company but also in the client’s laboratory.

Our staffs of engineers and technicians provide telephone support, helping to solve any technical problems. Our personnel possess high qualifications gained during numerous service trainings done by the equipment and software’s producers. Constant improvement of the abilities is the aim of each person providing technical support for our clients. Thanks to the qualified staff and rich technical facilities we are ready for the complete service of sold devices.

In order to ensure rapid devices’ repair and to enable a preservation of work’s continuity, we possess large base of service parts and substitute devices. We offer also a service assistance adapted client’s expectations based on conditions included in a certificate of purchase or on an individual maintenance contract.

Here is a list of the basic maintenance services provided by the Multiserw-Morek Company:

  • Assessment of the sieves’ conformity
  • Sieves’ calibration (ILAC-MRA)
  • Calibration of Load Bearing test devices'
  • Light Weight Deflectometers’ calibration
  • Penetrometer’s calibration
  • Periodic control, checking, maintenance and calibration of devices for founding and road and construction trades.
  • Measuring equipment’s repairs, regenerations and modernisation


We are looking forward to doing business with you!