Test sieves and shakers

Test sieves with diameter size of 400mm

Sieve analysis - Test sieves with diameter of 400mm

MULTISERW-Morek offers a complete range of testing sieves, we are one of the european leading manufacturer of quality laboratory test sieves. All of the test sieves are manufactured to National or International Specifications and are supplied with a Certificate of Compliance and individually serial numbered to provide full traceability. We also produce a full range of practical accessory related to sieve analysis of bulk materials, ie., sieve shakers, sieve lids, sieve receivers, sample dividers as well as sound absorbing cabinets.

Our test sieves are dedicated for conventional sieve analysis of bulk materials. MULTISERW-Morek based on wire cloth of Haver&Boecker (Germany), which is the worlds leading manufacturer of quality wire cloth. MULTISERW-Morek test sieves are available with stainless steel or plastic frames.

Test sieves are inspected and calibrated in accordance with ISO 3310. Each sieve is supplied with a Calibration Certificate recording the number of aperture and wire diameters measured,the average aperture size and standard deviation separately for the warp and weft direction. The type of weave will also be stated. Also available for perforated plate.


  • moulding and core sands,
  • corn,
  • cement clinker,
  • chemicals,
  • coffee,
  • construction materials,
  • fertilizers, fillers,
  • flours,
  • grains,
  • metals powders,
  • minerals,
  • nuts,
  • plastics,
  • sand,
  • seeds,
  • soils,
  • washing powder 

Our proposal is a full size range of laboratory sieves with mesh sizestarted from 20 microns to 200 mm. Please see attached data sheet for details.

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