Core and Molding Sand Testing Equipment

Sand Testing Equipment

Universal Core Shooter (Core Blower) in Hot-Box, Cold-Box, Inorganic and CO2 technology
Laboratory Muller
Laboratory Core Muller with heating bowl
Laboratory Intensive Mixer with rotated bowl
Core Sand Mixer
Gas Volume Tester
Laboratory Sieve Shaker
Air Jet Sieving Machine
Sand Binder-Washer /Agitator/
Laboratory Rammer - Hand Drive
Laboratory Rammer - Automatic Drive
Digital Permeability Tester
Universal Strength Testing Machine
Universal Strength Testing Machine
Digital Wet Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Digital Compactibility Tester
Hot-Distortion Tester
Universal Hot-Distortion and Bending Strength Machine
Vibrating table for preparing specimens from self-hardening core sands
Resin Coated Sand Softening Point Tester
Sand Sampler